Natural Resources & Environmental Management

Forests play a significant role in biodiversity conservation, harbouring unique and endemic species that are well adapted to extreme ecological conditions, providing essential ecosystem goods (e.g., fodder for livestock, fuel wood, medicines and tradable goods such as resins and gums) and soil and water conservation (e.g., soil formation and conservation, water conservation and quality improvement, regulation of water regimes and micro-climates, reduction of wind velocity, control of wind erosion, and retardation of water and moisture depletion).

JPS have been involved in studies on natural resources, including land, forest, water and wildlife, and environmental conservation. Our team have addressed the problems of deforestation, land and coastal ecosystem degradation, biodiversity depletion, water resource degradation, and other environmental pressures related to food security, poverty and ecosystems. Our team has kno

Our projects employed an advanced multi-level approach when analyzing the factors influencing land use in watersheds. Some prospects include the promotion of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable land uses, indispensable for ensuring sustainable conservation and development of watersheds, through community participation.

Specialization of NREM:

  • Forestry
  • Sustainable Forest Management Systems
  • Forest Inventories and Climate Change Impacts
  • Agro-forestry
  • Land Use Planning and Management
  • Sustainable Watershed Management
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Community-Based Natural Resources Management
  • Rural Livelihood Programs
  • Integrated Land Use Systems
  • Land Use Planning and Sustainable Land Management
  • Land Degradation Monitoring,
  • Desert Afforestation
  • Wetlands Management
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Disaster Management
  • Eco-sensitive planning
  • Resource Economics


  • Policy, Programmes and Institutions
  • Forest Resources Assessment and Monitoring
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Afforestation and Reforestation
  • Forest Planning and Management
  • Ecological Survey
  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Preparation/implementation of Habitat Management Plans
  • Wildlife Management Plans
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Social and Community Forestry
  • Interrelation between People and Natural Resources
  • Watershed Characterizations
  • Integrated Watershed Planning
  • GIS Mapping
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Capacity Building & Training



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