Information Management & E-Governance

Due to tremendous growth both in size and complexity of the operations of any organization involving financial systems, personnel management, inventory management & other routine administrative functions, there is a great need for faster flow of information and quick decision making at all levels of the organization. Keeping this futuristic aspect in consideration, JPS assist Clients in studying the Management Information System (MIS) needs of their organizations to enhance decision making and organizational effectiveness. Our Team is specialized in interaction of technology, organizational behavior, strategic planning, project management, and systems analysis used to support an organization through its information systems.

Due to the exploitation of internet applications concerning every sphere of activity, an Online Web-based Management Information System is needed to provide timely information of the desired function in the real time to the decision maker. It is also necessary that the automated system availability should be considered as one global application for its availability to all concerned functionary with respect to their information needs.

JPS conceptualized this need for providing management consultancy to various government organizations, state governments, PSUs, etc quite long ago and accordingly has developed vast experience in providing MIS & E-Governance solutions in concerned areas of the Organizations for their efficient functioning in a real time manner. JPS has a team to undertake the above functions which mainly consists of Management Informations System, Web Development, Programmers, System Analysis and Database System, System Design, etc to assist in providing E-Governance Solutions.

Specializations of GPSP:

  • Business Analysis for Information Technology Solutions
  • Information Systems Planning & Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Financial Management Information System
  • Information Systems Audit and Control
  • Management Information Systems
  • Project Management and Monitoring Information System (PMMIS)
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • System Integration
  • Business Intelligence Processes

Services Offered GPSP:

  • Designing & Implementation of MIS
  • Design and Development of Software
  • Web Based Management Information System
  • Training & Implementation Support
  • Monitoring and Audit of the Software
  • Maintenance of System


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